Thank You CFSD Foundation 2021/2022 Donors!

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Circle of Excellence (5000+) 

Kim and Garret Abeyta

Brent and Neri Sandweiss

The Tennenbaum Family

Tommy and Monique Yamasaki


Honor Society (2500+) 

Amy and Khush Bhola

Katie and Darren Hicks

John Kastner and Bee Schlotec

Edward and Kotomi Wellman



Leadership Circle (1000+)

The Cole Family

Valorie and Tim Colson

Jeffrey and Amy Hellbusch

Eileen and Todd Jackson

Nancy Jiang

Jon and Melissa Jump

Mary Kamerzell


Friends of the Foundation (500+)

Dan and Vicki Beskind

Dino Alfaro and Ivelisse Bonilla

Jessica and Martin Brandt

Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon

Debra Herrera

Jim Irish

Ashleigh and Michael Kruk

Scott and Jenneen Lowry

Kelly and Chip McLaughlin

Tom Kittle and Susan Petrus

Jean and Doug Popham

Schwarzbeck Aceves Family

Carole and John Siegler

The Standridge Family

Bill and Michelle Tong



Dollar a Day Supporters (365+)


The Bavier Family

Christian and Philo Bime

Warner Hughes

Sue and Robert Lebby

The McGinnis Family

Eric and Melinda McNeilus

Steven Nelson

Adam and Jacquelyn Peterson

Amy Courson and Justin Ruggieri

Renee Sousley

The Weiners



Rebecca Anderson

The Bahling Family

The Bartelsen Family

Deborah Bent

Dewanta Family

Carlos Guerra

Mark and Peggy Littmann

The Moeller Family

The Smith Family

The Winter Family


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