Thank You CFSD Foundation 2019/2020 Donors!

Honor Society Members ($2500+)

Kim and Garrett Abeyta

Amy and Khush Bhola

Katie and Darren Hicks

Nicole and Kevin Koch

Brent and Neri Sandweiss

Ed and Kotomi Wellman

Tommy and Monique Yamasaki

Jay Zuckerman

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

John O'Dowd and Ilana Addis

Don and Kim Bourn

Trina Callie

Julie Farbarik

Joel and Kristi Henness

Michael Messina and Debra Herrera

Eileen and Todd Jackson

Jon and Melissa Jump

Mark and Mimi Kross

Jill and Jason McKenna

Guruprasad and Vasudha Raju

Pierre and Rogina Sakali

Josh and Lyra Waggoner

Friends of the Foundation ($500)


Andrew and Jennifer Barton

Dan and Vicki Beskind

Jessica and Martin Brandt

David and Rhonda Dwyer

James and Carmen Eddy

Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon

Brenda and Walter Harrington

Michael and Ashleigh Kruk

Michael Ludlow

Chip and Kelly McLaughlin

Andrew Neuschatz

Sarah and Bill Perkins

Brooke and Tony Pittner

Lina and Hani Rizk

Elka Eisen and Lenny Rosenblum

Vance and Louise Sanders

Keri and Clinton Schild

Mohan Subramanian

John and Elaine Terrell

The Weiners

Dollar-a-Day Supporters ($365+)


Nikolaus and Miranda Anderson

Zak and Dayna Anderson

Jt and Nr Armstrong

Chris and Philo Bime

Delardi Family

Josh and Becca Hudgens

Warner Hughes

Melanie Kuhlman

Michelle and Daniel Ley

Eric and Melinda McNeilus

Tom and Nealy Meisinger

Beth and Marco Mercaldo

Steven Nelson

Papas/Corkey Family

Adam and Jacquelyn Peterson

Tom and Shannon Peterson

Galena and Josh Robinson

The Ruggieri Family

Michelle and Ted Sholeff

Carole and John Siegler

Gary and Kathy Smith

Lisa and James Stoneking

Keri and Jeff Silvyn

Bill and Michelle Tong

Nancy Hsiao and James Wang

Other Donors

Anonymous, Michele and Brad Barnard, The Bialis Family, Kathleen and Sheldon Brown, Christine Dykgraaf, Marianne Fett, Karin and Scott Fiore, Peter and Nicole Gavin, Chris and Rebecca Gordon, Roberto Jimenez, Steven and Rebecca Knope, Richard Knudson, Michael and Randi Levin, Norma Macias, Page Chancellor Marks, David McHorney and Stacy Brodrick, Fred Mekkelsen, Craig and Lorena Ravellette, Erik and Meghan Reinold, Laurie Seder, Ginger Thomassee, Jill Tronziger, Kim Tucker, Erin Toponce and Michael Gooden, Mike and Jennifer Zoucha

If you made a square donation at OGMS on registration day and do not see your name listed above, please contact us. We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct. Donations through In Touch and Corporate Matching take longer to process. Please contact with corrections.  

We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct.

Please contact us at with any corrections.

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The CFSD Foundation is a 501(c)3 that raises supplemental funds to attract, develop and retain excellent teachers in District 16.​​​