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Individual Donations

Individual donations are key to the success of the Foundation


You may donate online, or fill out a form and mail

the donation to us.

The vast majority (82%) of our funds come from

individual donors and businesses. Foundation expenses

are kept at 10% or less.

Donate to the Annual

Teacher Fund


The Annual Fund supports our school district by raising

supplemental funds which help to retain quality teachers through salary incentives and developmental training. Donations from this fund are gifted to the district on an annual basis.

This year, the Foundation is raising funds to support the "Great Beginnings - Systems for Success" teacher training and development program at CFSD. State and federal funding, which had been in place for over 20 years, has been cut and is no longer available. Your donation to the Annual Fund will help ensure this critical program continues to receive funding.

Read more about "Great Beginnings - Systems for Success" CFSD 3-year teacher training program.

Goal: $250,000 for the school year 2022-2023

Honor Society - $2,500

Direct donations are the best way to make a significant impact on the success of the district and the quality of the education it provides. With a donation of $2,500 or more, you will join the Honor Society – an exclusive group of families who understand that quality public education requires significant private support.

Leadership Circle - $1,000

Private financial support has played an important role in the success of CFSD Schools. By joining the Leadership Circle with a donation of $1,000 or more, you are showing support for our teachers, your children, and our continued district success.

Friend of the Foundation - $500

Supporting the foundation at our Friends of the Foundation level allows us to increase our support of teacher development in the district and frees up critical district funds for the classroom.

Dollar-A-Day - $365

Imagine if every family in our school district participated at a minimum of $365 per year or a dollar a day. 100% participation would raise $1.5 million for our children! Visit our website and set up a monthly recurring donation of $30.00.

Donate to the Endowments

The Foundation has established two endowments to provide a multi-year source of funding for programs in our schools. Donations earmarked for these endowments are invested with the original principal left untouched and investment earnings available for enrichment.

Educational Excellence Endowment

Enables the Foundation to increase levels of funding and continue the depth and breadth of course offerings, class sizes and other program features that distinguish our schools with educational excellence.

Goal: $1 million

Literacy and the Fine Arts Endowment

Built upon a matching donation from the Stocker Foundation, this endowment directs earnings to preservation and enhancement of programs in music, dance, drama, literacy and visual arts. In recent years, students who would benefit from additional reading support over the summer were offered classes through Community Schools at no cost because of the funding provided by this endowment.

Goal: $1 million

Pie chart showing funding sources
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