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Thank You CFSD Foundation 2020/2021 Donors!

CFSD Logo without text (abstract books and heads)

Circle of Excellence ($5000+)


Kim and Garrett Abeyta

Brent and Neri Sandweiss

Tommy and Monique Yamasaki

Honor Society Members ($2500+)

Amy and Khush Bhola

Angela Caballero

Katie and Darren Hicks

John Kastner and Bee Schlotec

Nicole and Kevin Koch

The Papas/Corkey Family

Edward and Kotomi Wellman

Stephanie and Jay Zuckerman

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

Anonymous (2)

Michael and Susan Anderson

Colin and Heather Blakely

Kim and Don Bourn

Tim and Valorie Colson

Jennifer Cook

Stephen and Tracy Curtin

Mel and Grant Egginton

Amy Fletcher

Freeport McMoRan

Peter and Nicole Gavin

Sujata Sarkar & Mrinal Ghosh

Jeff and Amy Hellbusch

Joel and Kristi Henness

Jay and Nicole Hook

Eileen and Todd Jackson

Jon and Melissa Jump

Brian and Shelley Kahn

Mary Kamerzell

Mark and Mimi Kross

Marco and Beth Mercaldo

Tom Kittle and Susan Petrus

Peter and Marty Prtiz

Pierre and Rogina Sakali

Amy Tempkin and David Sheinbein

Keri and Clinton Schild

Mary Tosca

Kelly Wild

Friends of the Foundation ($500)

The Anderson Family

Richard Ashley


The Bavier Family

Cary and Megan Belen

Webjorn Bergmann

Dan and Vicki Beskind

Jessica and Martin Brandt

Jennifer and Peter Burrows

The Cassen Family

Jason and Brandie Crane

David and Rhonda Dwyer

Josh and Kayla Gaither 

Oleg Gerasimovich

Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon

Anne and Lukas Gruber

Jay and Nicole Hook

Douglas F Kapke

Bert and Mathilde Kleinkauf

Ashleigh and Michael Kruk

Lori and Michael Leung

Scott and Jenneen Lowry

Jules and Linda Manger

Naehal and Tim Marra

James and Laura McGill

Chip and Kelly McLaughlin

Eric and Melinda McNeilus

John Michel

Andrew Neuschatz

Alma Nielsen

Sarah and Bill Perkins

Jean and Doug Popham

Vasu and Prasad Raju

Joe and Katie Richardson

Kevin and Candice Rupprecht

Paulo Goes and Mara Salles

Phil and Loli Starceski

Mohan Subramanian

Georgia and Eric Thu

Bill and Michelle Tong

Josh Waggoner, Pllc

Josh and Lyra Waggoner

Amy and Brett Welander

Steven Wang and Helena Yip

Dollar-a-Day Supporters ($365+)

Anonymous (2)

Ivelisse and Dino Alfaro

Nikolaus and Miranda Anderson

Chris and Philo Bime

Kelly and Andy Buh

The Bregman Family

Joanna Yip and Cholik Chan

Andy and Mika Cole Family

Joe Salkowski and Kristen Cook

The Delong Family

Demont Family

Stephen Epstein

Jonathan and Rachel Green

Kelly Hamilton

Kristin Highton

The Hoose Family

Josh and Becca Hudgens

Warner Hughes

Jim Irish

Sue and Robert Lebby

Mary and Jim Lonergan

The Longenbaugh Family

Elizabeth Longenecker

Haiying Liu & Zhenhua Lu

The Melo Family

The Moseke Family

Steven Nelson

Brad and Jacki Nichols

Adam and Jacquelyn Peterson

Simon Radford

Galena and Josh Robinson

Rogos Finishing Touch

Vincent and Michelle Rooney

Katie and Karl Rosen

Amy Courson and Justin Ruggieri

Christina and Jason Schemp

Jeannette Segel

Shade Industries

Aaron and Christina Shetlar

Michelle and Ted Sholeff

Carole and John Siegler

Renee Sousley

Nahf Strickland Family

Sonny P. Tjia

The Weiners

The Wong Family

Helen Zhang and Guang Yao

Other Donations

Anonymous (2), Marnie Ackerman,Trisha Adcock, Carolyn and Pete Anderson, Ben and Dawn Armstrong, Mary Ashton, Kristina & Angelo Bonet, Justine and Joseph Bonomolo, The Buffalo Family, Aileen Chong and Tung Bui,   van Chiem, Andrea & Bill Davidson, Alexey Dvornikov, The Elsesser Family, Marie Maloney and Jim Evans, Karin Fiore, Sara Nixon-Kirschner & Cullen Fisher, Jennifer Flores, Oleg Gerasimovich, Chris and Becky Gordon, Aditi Gupta, Marla and Steven Handler, Richard and Penelope Hendricks, Warner Hughes, Karry Jackson, Ryan and Kerry Johnson Family, Fang and Junjie, Jim Kirkendall, Kristy Kohler, The Reinhart Konrad Family, Ann Marcus Lapidus, Jane Lankindale Larry Leung, Darnton and Lisa Lewis, The Limperis Family, The Logue Family, Donald Loose,     Scott Lucas, Carol Lundberg, Noah and Molly Marks, Page Chancellor Marks, Cindy McNeilus, Mike Mekkelsen,    The Melnick Family, Susan Menezes, The Nentl Family, The Mencke Family, Kal and Monisha Patel, Zong Ming LI   and Fang Peng, The Phillips Family, Jacquelyn Power, The Quiambao Family, The Rea Family, Shu Ching Cheng & Edward Reid, Susan and Keith Regan, Erik and Meghan Reinold, Niki and Jason Rowe, The Savin Family, Connie Schiess, The Seder-Douglas Family, Elizabeth Schmahl, The Shetlar Family, Danielle Thu,Yi Wang and Jianfeng Wu, The Winter Family, Cathy Yan

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