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Thank You CFSD Foundation 2021/2022 Donors!

CFSD Logo without text (abstract books and heads)

Circle of Excellence (5000+) 

Kim and Garret Abeyta

Brent and Neri Sandweiss

The Tennenbaum Family

Tommy and Monique Yamasaki


Honor Society (2500+) 

Amy and Khush Bhola

Valorie and Tim Colson

Katie and Darren Hicks

Bill and Sarah Perkins

John Kastner and Bee Schlotec

Robert Fischer and Kerri Strug

Edward and Kotomi Wellman

Leadership Circle (1000+)

Michael and Susan Anderson


The Belen Family

Colin and Heather Blakely

Sean Chuang

Duncan Miles Clendenin

The Cole Family

Stephen and Tracy Curtin

The Foster Family

The Gavin Family

Sujata Sarkar and Mrinal Ghosh

Jeffrey and Amy Hellbusch

Debra Herrera

Eileen and Todd Jackson

Nancy Jiang

Jon and Melissa Jump

Brian and Shelley Kahn

Ashleigh and Michael Kruk

Mary Kamerzell

The Manger Family

Kelly and Chip McLaughlin

Marco and Beth Mercaldo

Papas/Corkey Family

Peter & Marty Pritz

Kevin and Candice Rupprecht

Pierre and Rogina Sakali


Friends of the Foundation (500+)

Schwarzbeck Aceves Family

Dr. Sarah Akhunji

Alan Lamont Armstrong

Alan and Maria Aronoff

Dan and Vicki Beskind

Dino Alfaro and Ivelisse Bonilla

Jessica and Martin Brandt

Peter and Jennifer Burrows

Vitor and Theo Carvalho

Joanna Yip and Cholik Chan

The Delong Family

Rick and Carrie Demont

Randal Dix

Gamboa Family

Vaughne Glennie

Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon

Anne and Lukas Gruber

The Guerrero Family

The Hooks

Jim Irish

Mike and Nichole Janky

Sue and Robert Lebby

Callie and Jason Le Roy

Lori and Mike Leung

Nancy and Larry Leung

Scott and Jenneen Lowry

Haiying Liu & Zhenhua Lu

Eric and Melinda McNeilus

Ibraheem and Maris Mizyed

The Nielsen Family

Tom Kittle and Susan Petrus

Jean and Doug Popham

Janet and Ted Ranney

Joe and Katie Richardson

Hani and Lina Rizk

Justin and Amy Ruggieri

Paulo Goes and Mara Salles

Abhay and Priya Sanan

Carole and John Siegler

The Standridge Family

Sunder Family

Bill and Michelle Tong

The Wild Family

The Wintons



Dollar a Day Supporters (365+)

Zak and Dayna Anderson

Anonymous (2)

The Bavier Family

Christian and Philo Bime

The Bregman Family

Ian Carstensen

The Cole Family

The Seder Douglas Family

The Hudgens Family

Warner Hughes

Tami Kelly

Sue and Robert Lebby

Li and Lou Family

Mary and Jim Lonergan

Elizabeth Longenecker

The McGinnis Family

Chad Mitchell

Mulholland Family

Steven Nelson

Brad and Jacki Nichols

Heather J Northey

Kal and Monisha Patel

Adam and Jacquelyn Peterson

Simon Radford

Juan Carlos Guerra Ramon

Liz and Dave Ryan

The Rooney Family

Amy Courson and Justin Ruggieri

Jeannette Segel

Renee Sousley

The Weiners



Rebecca Anderson, Anonymous (3), Julia Armstrong, The Armstrong Family, Mary Ashton, The Bahling Family, The Bartelsen Family, The Belen Family, Deborah Bent, Camila Bhagwan, Roman and Oceana Blueskyes, The Buffalo Family, The Burpee Family, Amy Chavez, Simon Crawford, Dewanta Family, James Donovan, Katie Estavillo, Karin Fiore, Michael and Janie Foy, Gerasimovich Family, Carlos Guerra, Marla Handler, Jill and Brian Harlow, The Ives Family, Douglas F Kapke, Debra Kornmuller, Alan Lamont, Randi Levin, Mark and Peggy Littmann, Dr & Mrs. Lopez-Hanshaw, Renu Malhotra, Cindy McNeilus, The Moeller Family, The Nentl Family, Stefan Winkler and Valeriya Oppegard, Quiambao Family, Gavin Quigley, Sean Rawson, The Rea Family, Brenna Reinheimer, The Sanchez Family, The Shehab Family, The Siegler Family, The Lee Smith Family, The Smith Family, David Taheri, The Thorn Family, Georgia Thu, Jennifer Warfield, Jennifer Wasielewski, The Winter Family, Yi Wang and Jianfeng Wu, Cathy Yan, Mike and Jennifer Zoucha


Donations through In Touch and Corporate Matching take longer to process.

Please contact with corrections.

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