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Thank You CFSD Foundation 2018/2019 Donors!

CFSD Logo without text (abstract books and heads)

Honor Society Members ($2500+)

Kim and Garret Abeyta

Sam and Halıma Alkhayat

Scott and Lindsey Biaggi

Amy and Khush Bhola

Bradley and Anita Feder

 Nicole and Kevin Koch

Laura and Barry Mac Ban

Andrew and Cathy Rosen

Brent and Neri Sandweiss

Tommy and Monique Yamasaki

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

Catherine Angleton

Christine Aronoff 

Mousumi and Bhaskar Banerjee

Kenneth and Sandy Belkoff 

Kim and Don Bourn 

Jennifer and Peter Burrows

Monica Kraft and Charles Cairns

Trina Callie

The Chang and Leung Families

Valorie and Tim Colson

Stephen and Tracy Curtin

Deanna and Mark Gailey

GLHN Architects & Engineering

James and Luisa Guise

Amy Fletcher

Cory Fragoso-Gram

Jeffrey and Amy Hellbusch

Joel and Kristi Henness

Debra Herrera 

Jim Irish

Eileen and Todd Jackson

Jon and Melissa Jump

Aimee Kaempf

Brian and Shelley Kahn

Mark and Mimi Kross

Lori Lundberg-Leung

Howard and Kristen Lin

Amy and Daruka Mahadevan

Jill Warren McKenna 

Eric and Maritza Myrmo

Jonathan Olson 

Ilana Addis and John O'Dowd

Sue and Bill Pekarske 

Tom Kittle and Susan Petrus

Marty and Peter Pritz

David and Nina Richardson 

Pierre and Rogina Sakali

Sujata Sarkar

Jim and Ae Todsen

Laura Wallace 

Ed and Kotomi Wellman  

Dameon and Anita Wood 

Mark and Megan Wood

Friends of the Foundation ($500)



Zak and Dayna Anderson

Daniel and Ilaria Apai

Richard and Cathie Ashley

Dan and Vicki Beskind

Jessica and Martin Brandt

Leslie and Mike Cohen

Jason Crane 

Rob and Jeana Darling

The Demont Family

Tad and Dasha Dewald

David and Rhonda Dwyer

James and Carmen Eddy 

Susan Fosdick

Freeport McMoRan

David and Diana Freshwater 

Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon

Lukas and Anne Gruber

Brenda and Walter Harrington

Jenny and Johnny Helenbolt

Katie and Darren Hicks

Thomas Hum Jr 

Meke and Carri Johnson

Elias and Rawan Kakish

Nancy and Bob Kersey

Soohyun and Samuel Kim

Michael and Ashleigh Kruk

Jason and Callie Le Roy

The Leung Family

Christine and Thomas Lindgren

Mary and James Lonergan

Michael Ludlow  

Kelly and Michael McCormick

James and Laura McGill

Chip and Kelly McLaughlin

Mark and Debbie McNeil

Eric and Melinda McNeilus

Nick and Valerie Menke

Beth Mercaldo

Heidi Montijo

Danielle Moser

Andrew Neuschatz

Brad and Jacki Nichols 

Sarah and William Perkins

Janet Ranney

Vasudha and Guruprasad Raju

Lina Haddad and Hani Rizk

Elka Eisen and Leonard Rosenblum

Kevin and Candace Rupprecht

Vance and Louise Sanders

Srivatsan Sathyamoorthy

Olivia and Dev Sethi

Neda Shirazi

Keri and Jeff Silvyn

Elias Stratigouleas

Mohan Subramanian

Jack and Mary Tertel

John and Kirsten Wallace

Charles W Weesner

Lisa and Paul Yurkanin 

Guang Yao and Helen Zhang

Dollar-a-Day Supporters ($365+)

Nikolaus and Miranda Anderson

Julia Armstrong 

Asonia and Angela Barefoot 

Brad and Michele Barnard

The Baruch Family

Mark and Jill Bell 

Angelo and Kristy Bonet 

John and Kristen Brady

Dani and Phil Bregman 

Brian and Jaclyn Callahan 

Richard Church

The Delong Family

The Duenas Family

Sima Ehsani

Amit and Amita Fadia

David Franz

Rachel and Jonathan Green 

Maria Heard 

Nancy Horton

Christine Moussa and Serge Hougeir   

Warner Hughes

The Jacobs Family

Jozsef and Lori Jonas

Todd and Constance Ledyard 

Page Chancellor Marks

Steven Nelson

Kalpesh and Monisha Patel 

Doug and Jean Popham

Galena and Josh Robinson

Amy Courson-Ruggieri 

Liz and Dave Ryan 

Steve and Jennifer Roth

Jeannette Segel 

Michelle and Ted Sholeff

Leslie Stockton 

Sonny Tjia

Scott and Carin Turk

Nancy Hsiao and James Wang

 The Weege Family 

Other Donors

Anonymous,  Anonymous, Anonymous, Denise Arens, Gina Avignone, Anamaria and Rene Ballesteros, Fanny Rose Bangoura, Elizabeth Bartelsen, The Blakely Family, Scott Arden and Sue Brish, David McHorney and Stacy Brodrick, Phyllis Brumfield, Andrea Burpee, Kaety Byerley, Pan Chan, Michael Chesnick, van Chiem, Joe Cimino, Lee Cooper, Cybil Corning, Scott Cunningham, Oscar and  Luluk Dewanta, Randal Dix, The Douglas Family, Christine Dykgraaf, Julie Farbarik, Craig Ravellette and Lorena Felix, Anthony Fell, Marianne Fett, Yessenia Garcia, Nicole and Peter Gavin, Sheryl Grant, Anilu and Mike Green, Jim and Marie Green, Renee Griffith, Shimanti Guha, Kathryn H, Erik and Chani Hawkinson, Richard and Penelope Hendricks, Ariadna Hernandez, Rebecca Hudgens, Lydia Hunter, Vincent and Anita Hsu, Susan Imwalle, Michael and Elisha Johnson, Elizabeth Kamp, Douglas Kapke, Jane Kessler, Bruce B. Knutson, The Leuthold Family, Jr., Elizabeth McCarthy and Robert Kuhn, Robert and Sue Lebby, Larry Leung, Dana K. Limperis, Kaifeng Lin, Haiyan Liu, Norma Lugo, Veanne Lupia, Kimberly Marohn, Cindy McNeilus, Fred Mekkelsen, Arlette Monge, Heather Monreal, Nita Ann Moore, Sandra Nance, Hoa Nguyen, Indu and Sai Partha, Linda and Martin Pelger, Alicia Rodriguez Pla, Simon Radford, David and Tracy Rea, Lindsay Rehm, Cindee and Gordon Reynolds, Ben Ricci, C. Kenneth Richardson, Rachel Rivera, Lisa Robinson, Keri and Clinton Schild, Sarah Coleman and Joe Schulte, Maggie Smith, Oksana Smoliyenko, Lisa Soltani, Angel Stephens,  Mark Stevens, The Sukkar Family, Ginger Thomassee, Dr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Thompson III Philanthropic Fund, Georgia and Eric Thu, Themis Tokkaris, Erin Toponce, The Trainor Family, Tiffany Truax, Brigette Vyborny, Yi Wang, Chris and Stephanie Wiegand, Waifang Xu, The Zapata Family, The Zoucha Family

We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct. Donations through In Touch and Corporate Matching take longer to process. Please contact with corrections.   

We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct.

Please contact us at with any corrections.

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