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Thank You CFSD Foundation 2016/2017 Donors!

Honor Society Members ($2500+)

Kim and Garret Abeyta 

Hema Angeli and Sean Meyers
Cheryl and Klaus Axen 

Amy and Khush Bhola
Jennifer and Peter Burrows  

Charles Cairns and Monica Kraft
Jennifer Cook   

Brad and Anita Feder  

Diana and David Freshwater 
Louisa Guise 

Nicole and Kevin Koch 

Laura and Barry Mac Ban
Mayra Melendez  

Stephanie and Jason Reddick 

Patricia and Bake Shaffer
Thomas Toole 

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

Perry Abbott  

Kenneth and Sandy Belkoff

Martin and Jessica Brandt  

Trina Callie-Dixon 
Stephen and Tracy Curtin 

Louisa Guise

Debra Herrera and Michael Messina
Tim and Angela Hodges 

Lyssa and Stuart Holmes
Todd and Eileen Jackson
Tao Luo and Shibin Jiang
Jon and Melissa Jump
Aimee Kaempf 
Mary Kamerzell
Douglas and Caroline Kelly
Nancy and Bob Kersey
Tom Kittle and Sue Petrus
Jerry and Anglea Kosmeder  

Mark and Maria Kross 

Ashleigh and Michael Kruk
Brian and Julie Larson
Lauer/Muller Family  

Michael and Randi Levin
James Lonergan 

Michael Ludlow 

Sheldon and Page Marks
Katherine Milo 

Anthony and Anne Nazaroff 

Mary and Scott Negliski
Harvey and Deborah Nevins
Bill and Sue Pekarske 

Jean and Doug Popham
Peter and Marty Pritz
Janet Ranney
Mary Lou and Russell Richerson
Sujata Sarkar and Mrinal Ghosh
Melissa Scheffman
Paul Schwyhart
Gregg and Kim Sciabica
Alok and Poonam Sharma
David Sheinbein   

Jim and Ae Todsen   

John and Kirsten Wallace
Charles Weesner  

Kotomi Wellman
Megan and Mark Wood

Friends of the Foundation ($500)

Mark and Jill Bell 

Michael Bellotti
David and Azura Benson 

Dan and Vicki Beskind 

Kim and Don Bourn 
Eugenia Chen 
Mike and Leslie Cohen  

Jason Crane  

Samir and Dorothy Dahdal 

Robert and Jeana Darling
Uday Dalvi
Mike and Sheryl Deconcini
Oscar and Theodola Dewanta   

Neal Eckel and Dawn Sabers 

James Eddy 

David and Sonia Elmer
Amita Fadia 

John and Julie Farbarik
Amy Fletcher
David Frank
Paulo Goes
Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon
Anne and Lukas Gruber   
Graham and Amy Haer  

Brenda and Walter Harrington
Jeff and Amy Hellbusch 

James Wang and Nancy Hsiao 
Thomas Hum 

Juli and Tad Jewell
Jay Johnson
Kris Johnson 

Shelley and Brian Kahn 

Inna Solntsev and Jeffrey Lang  

Todd and Jenny Lessie
Charmaine Lewis 

Kevin Loutfy 

Jenneen Lowry
Martin Lyders
Daruka and Amy Mahadevan  

Ryan and Keiko Matika
Kelly and Michael McCormick
Peter Reiners and Juliet McKenna 

Kelly and Chip McLaughlin 

Mark and Debbie McNeil
Patrick and Shannon Murphy
Dan and Julie Nentl
Jacki and Brad Nichols 

Sarah and Bill Perkins
Matthew Quick 

Vasudha Huruganti Kuruganti and Guruprasad Raju 

Robert and Robin Randall 

Greg Koshkarian and Sujatha Reddy
Stephen Budd and Jennifer Reinhart
David and Nina Richardson
Galena and Josh Robinson
Amanda and Jeff Saffer
Pierre and Rogina Sakali 

Vance and Louise Sanders
Jason Schemp
Elizabeth Sebring
Jeannette Segel
Olivia and Dev Sethi 

Keith Soderberg 

Leslie and Kevin Stockton
Nadine Stoner
Kristofer and Janet Tvedt 

Jeff Vollin and Diane Foray 

Joshua and Lyra Waggoner 

Amy and Brett Welander 

Chris and Stephanie Wiegand
Mark and Jackie Winkler
Marek and Jennifer Wolert 

Helena Yip 

Joanna Yip and Cholik Chan 

Jonathan Zink

Dollar-a-Day Supporters ($365+)

Dawn Armstrong 

Julia and Neal Armstrong  

Robert Brei  

Felicia Cohen  

Jonathan Overpeck and Julia Cole 

Randie and Shelby Collier
Amy Courson-Ruggieri
Julie Dixon
Martin and Karin Dufwenberg 

Renee Griffith 

Nancy Horton
Robert and Louise Jaxel
Susan and Kenneth Kowalcek
Charmaine Lewis
Kamal Moukabary  

Andrew Neuschatz
Jonathan Olson
Bruce and Kerry Perlman 

Danny Plattner
Robert Raposo
Michael Rockwell
Neda Shirazi 

Renee Sousley
Jonathan Sprinkle 

Angel Stephens 

Ajay and Neeta Tuli 

We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct.

Please contact us at with any corrections.

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