Thank You CFSD Foundation 2017/2018 Donors!

Honor Society Members ($2500+)

Kim and Garret Abeyta 

Amy and Khush Bhola

Jenny and Peter Burrows  

Trina Callie-Dixon 

Jennifer Cook 

Brad and Anita Feder 

Louisa Guise 

  Nicole and Kevin Koch 

Laura and Barry Mac Ban

Patricia and Bake Shaffer

Tommy and Monique Yamasaki

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

 Christine Aronoff

Klaus and Cheryl Axen

Kenneth and Sandy Belkoff

Siw and Webjorn Bergmann

Lindsey and Scott Biaggi

Kim and Don Bourn

Stephen and Tracy Curtin

Rhonda and David Dwyer 

Amy Fletcher

David and Diana Freshwater

Lyssa and Stuart Holmes

Joel Henness
Debra Herrera 

Jim Irish

Todd and Eileen Jackson

Jon and Melissa Jump 

Aimee Kaempf

Brian and Shelley Kahn 

Mary Kamerzell

Doug and Caroline Kelly

Nancy and Bob Kersey 

Jeremy and Rebecca Killpack

Mark and Mimi Kross 

Soohyun Han and Samuel Kim

Brian and Julie Larson

Mark Larson

Howard and Kristen Lin
Michael Ludlow 

Daruka and Amy Mahadevan 

Eric and Maritza Myrmo    

Alma and Jesper Nielsen 

Bill and Sue Pekarske

Jean and Doug Popham

Peter and Marty Pritz 

David and Nina Richardson
Amanda and Jeff Saffer   

Pierre and Rogina Sakali 

Mrinal Ghosh and Sujata Sarkar

Melissa and Jeff Scheffman
Alok and Poonam Sharma 

Neda and Mazda Shirazi

Jim and Ae Todsen    

Joshua and Lyra Waggoner 

Edward and Kotomi Wellman

Kelly Wild

Mark and Megan Wood 

Friends of the Foundation ($500)

Maria and Alan Aronoff 

Bhaskar and Mousumi Banerjee 

Alexandre and Zilda Benjo

Eric and Laurie Bergstrom
Dan and Vicki Beskind

Martin and Jessica Brandt

Pawan Chabra
Leslie and Michael Cohen

Jason Crane  

Robert and Jeana Darling  

Sheryl and Mike Deconcini
Carrie Demont

Julie Dixon

James Eddy
Amit and Amita Fadia  

Susan Fosdick

Paulo Goes 

Amy Krauss and Richard Gordon

Anne and Lukas Gruber
Brenda and Walter Harrington 

Jeffrey and Amy Hellbusch  

Katie Hicks 

Ashleigh and Michael Kruk  

Jason and Callie Le Roy 

Elizabeth Longenecker 

Jenneen Lowry   

Chip and Kelly McLaughlin 

Debbie and Mark McNeil  

Ola Moukabary  

Shannon Murphy   

Andrew Neuschatz 
Brad and Jacki Nichols 

Terence O'Keeffe 
Frederick and Candace Parker 

Janet Ranney
Rob Raposo
Steve, Jen & Mikey Roth 

Demaretta Rush 

Vance and Louise Sanders

Elizabeth and Wayne Sebring 

Olivia and Dev Sethi 

Michelle and Ted Sholeff 

Keri and Jeff Silvyn
Leslie and Kevin Stockton 

Mohan Subramanian

Jack and Mary Tertel 

Ray and Laura Wallace

Charles Weesner  

Chris and Stephanie Wiegand

Helena Yip 

Dollar-a-Day Supporters ($365+)

Nikolaus and Miranda Anderson

Josh and Angela Appel

Julia Armstrong

Alison Banks 

John and Kristen Brady
Daniella Bregman

Eugenia and Taylor Chen 

Felicia Cohen 

Randie and Shelby Collier

Craig and Ragan Edwards

Jonathan and Rachel Green   

Renee Griffith

Ariadna Hernandez

Nancy Horton

Roula Ishak
Joe Jonas 

Jeni and Rick Knight

Sara Larson

Brian Longenbaugh  

Xu (Lily) Lu 

Edward Max
Jacqueline Maximillian
Steve Nelson   

Monisha and Kal Patel
Galena and Josh Robinson

Dave Ryan 

Afshin and Pooneh Sam

Jeannette Segal 

Carole and John Siegler 

Keith and Jennifer Soderberg

Nadine Stoner

Sonny Tija

Yi Zeng 

Other Donors

Anonymous, Michele Barnard, Sally Bockisch, Angelo and Kristina Bonet, Simon Bradford,Stacy Brodrick, Phyllis Brumfield, Todd Camenisch, Vicki Capin, Kaifeng Lin and Chengyu Chen, Joe Cimino, Lynn Cosgrove, Scott Cunningham, Joseph DiRoberto, Cybelle Egan, Robert Emmons, Katherine Estavillo, Matthew Evatt, Peter Federhar, Lorena Felix, Elizabeth Fella, Camille Finn, Jennifer and Noe Flores, Joey Flynn, David Frank, Nicole and Peter Gavin, Kirstin Girdner, Rebecca Gordon, Kathryn Hart, Erik Hawkinson, Ethan Heard, Kathryn Heineman, Richard Hendricks, James Holden, Jenny Horn, Warner Hughes, Scott Jeffery, Kris Johnson, Matthew and Margarett Kaiser, Natalie Kujawa, Todd and Constance Ledyard, Beth and Owen Lefkon, Jennifer and Todd Lessie, Dana and Brian Levine, Laura Lewnes, Leticia Liggett, Kirsten Limesand, Peter Lindner, Yingliang Liu, Christina Mahar, Page and Sheldon Marks, Beatrice Mason, James and Laura McGill, David McHorney, Christopher Missimer, Anna Orphan, Peter Reiners and Juliet McKenna, Cindy McNeilus, Melinda and Eric McNeilus, Annette Monterossa, Danielle Moser, Sean Myers, Susan Myers, Judy Nagle, Sandra Nance, Deborah and Harvey Nevins, Virag Shah and Ingrid Patsch, Linda and Martin Pelger, Sally Pezzi, Melissa Rasmussen, Craig Ravellette, Laura Rendon, Mari Ricker, Megan Robertson, Michelle Rooney, Kevin and Candice Rupprecht, Kim Schiff, Nicolette Seckeler, Cheri and Kevin Spink, Elizabeth Strange, Angel Stephens, Christine & Benjamin Strong, Joseph Swinson, Ginger Thomassee, Mary Trainor,  Elizabeth and David Wallis, Vincetta Westerbeke, Xuemei Yang, Yi Wang and Jianfeng Wu, Joanna Yankula, Guang Yao, Heather Zapata, Jennifer Zoucha