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Thank You CFSD Foundation 2015/2016 Donors!

Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

Perry Abbott 

Kenneth Adler and Katherine Schuppert                    

Cheryl and Klaus Axen

Sandy and Kenneth Belkoff

Alexandre and Zilda Benjo

Amy and Khush Bhola

Peter and Jenny Burrows

Trina Callie
Felicia and Ari Cohen

Paula Collins
Samir Dahdal and Dorothy Gilbertson-Dahdal
Rosa Dailey

David and Diana Freshwater

Jean Gadea
Sujata Sarkar and Mrinal Ghosh
James and Luisa Guise
Lyssa and Stuart Holmes

Mindy Illes

Jim Irish and Amy Fletcher

Jon and Melissa Jump

Aimee Kaempf
Douglas Kelly and Caroline Gardiner
Nancy and Bob Kersey

Susan and Kenny Kowalcek

Mark and Maria Kross
Tao Luo and Shibin Jiang

Jenny and Jay Johnson

Laura and Barry Mac Ban

Sheldon and Page Marks
Patricia McCabe
Sean Myers

Kioumars Mostafizi

Lisa Nagy

Mary and Scott Negilski
Brad and Jacki Nichols
Bill and Sue Pekarske
Samata & Rajesh Prasad
Peter & Marty Pritz

Ted and Janet Ranney
Mary Lou and Russell Richerson

Galena and Josh Robinson
Sujata Sarkar

James and Katherine Schwartz
Gregg and Kimberly Sciabica
Paul Schwyhart and Judith Gordon
Patricia and Bake Shaffer
David Sheinbein & Amy Tempkin

Nadine Stoner

Jim and Ae Todsen

Tom Toole
Kris and Janet Tvedt
Edward Wellman
Megan & Mark Wood

Friends of the Foundation ($500)

Mireille Algazi

Jose Alicea

Nikolaus Anderson

Diana and Jun Aral

Reem Aussy-Hanna

Andrew Barton
Michael Baumann

Mark and Jill Bell

Dan and Vicki Beskind

Eric Bergstrom

Zita Brakey

Martin and Jessica Brandt
Jack Campbell

Eugenia Chen
Stephen and Park Coughran
Jason Crane
Oscar and Theodola Dewanta
Wally and Amy Dowe

Paula Dunn
David and Rhonda Dwyer

James Eddy
Ty Endean
Andrea Gerlak and Conrad Clemens
Paulo Goes and Mara Salles
Anne and Lukas Gruber

Guy and Karen Gunther
Eileen Jackson

Amy Krauss

Ashleigh and Michael Kruk

Cherie Lamdan

Todd and Jenny Lessie

Robert Lewis

James Lonergan

Mark McNeil

Jennifer and Christian Moher

Kamal Moukabary
Patrick and Shannon Murphy
Laura Nagy

Joshua Orosco

Steve and Nanette Pageau
Martin Pelger

The Family Of Zachary Peura

Brooke and Tony Pittner

Guruprasad Raju

Robert and Robin Randall

Elizabeth Sebring
Jeannette and Harold Segel
Alok Sharma
Jennifer Soderberg
Larry and Lea Standridge
Laura and Ray Wallace

Charles Weesner

Allison Wexler

Chris and Stephanie Wiegand

Jennifer Wollert
Joanna Yip

Dollar-a-Day Supporters ($365+)

Neal and Julia Armstrong
Robert Blew
John and Lana Britanik
Randie and Shelby Collier
Martin and Karin Dufwenberg
David and Sonia ElmerApril Garner-Hoose, Dance Force-1

Jonathan and Rachel Green

Renee Griffith
Priya Gupta

Nancy Hsiao

Nancy Horton

Paul Koss
Melanie Kuhlman
Charmaine Lewis
Michael Ludlow

Andrew Neuschatz

Matt and Mari Ricker
Julia Rudnick
David and Liz Ryan
Darrell Sabers
Jonathan Sprinkle
Angel Stephens

Elizabeth Strange
Hugh Thompson III

Brian Alubowicz, Mireille Algazi, Paulo Andrade, Michael Bellotti, Marilyn Brucks, Kate Bunton, Eric Chandor, Laird and Shannon Close, Anthony Fell, Donald Fields, Carol Gregorio, Rosemarie Gregorio, Debra Herrera and Michael Messina, Craig and Catherine Hyatt, Annie Kersting, Chip and Kelly McLaughlin, Hugh Miller, Joan Nagy, Vincent and Laura Nitido, Martin Pelger, Hope Peterson, Jill Provan, Simon Radford, Lynn and Michael Roberts, Ursula Schuch, Juanita Schwyhart, Anne Shivers, Griselda Soriano, Adam Steiner, Frans Tax, Wilhelmina Tax, Vincetta Westerbeke, Ian Wilson

Other Donors

We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct.

Please contact us at with any corrections.

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