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Thank You CFSD Foundation Donors!

Thank you to those that have made donations so far this school year. Our goal this year is to raise $325,000. We are only halfway towards our goal so please encourage your fellow CFSD friends to support the Foundation. With your help, we can reach this goal!
Leadership Circle Members ($1000+)

Kenneth Adler
Klaus and Cheryl Axen 
Jeff and Julie Baron
Denise Beattie 
Kenneth and Sandy Belkoff 
Khush and Amy Bhola
Adriana Boiangui 
Jeff and Kathryn Burgess
Zachary and Pam Butcher
Jim and Victoria Capin
Richard and Therese Chua 
Conrad Clemens
Leslie and Mike Cohen
Lori and Russell Cohen 
Paula Collins
Stephen Curtin
Samir Dahdal
Peter Deluca
Oscar and Theodola Dewanta 
John and Julie Farbarik
Bradley and Anita Feder
David and Diana Freshwater
Scott and Angie Goorman
James and Luisa Guise
Ralph and Jan Gutbub
Tim and Angela Hodges 
Lyssa and Stuart Holmes
David and Lori Iaconis
Mary Kamerzell 
Marisol and Dennis Kenman 
Bob and Nancy Kersey 
Ario and Neda Kiarash
Thomas and Lisa Kramkowski
Mark and Maria Kross
Julie and Brian Larson 
Manzanita FFO
Dan and Trish McCabe
Paul and Kathie Melde
Mayra Melendez 
Omar and Amy Mireles
Beatrice Muller and Tod Lauer 
Laura Nagy 
Sue and Bill Pekarske
Samata and Rajesh Prasad 
Peter Pritz 
Robert and Robin Randall
Raytheon Financial Gift Matching Program
Russell and Mary Lou Richerson
John Rosegrant
Jennifer and Steve Roth 
James and Kate Schwartz
Paul Schwyhart and Judith Gordon 
Dev and Olivia Sethi
Heather Sipos
Texas Instruments Matching Gift Program 
Jim and Ae Todsen
Kristofer and Janet Tvedt 
Kent Vincent
Edward Wellman 
Susan Wick 
Jesse and Kelly Wild 
Friends of the Foundation ($500+) 
Perry Abbott
Bedri Abubeker
Srikar Adhikari 
Mireille Algazi
Jose Alicea
Christine Aronoff
Jill and Mark Bell 
John and Kerrie Bergan
Lindsay and Scott Biaggi 
Gary and Ione Bohay
Martin and Jessica Brandt
Peter and Jenny Burrows
Trina Callie
Jack Campbell 
Carla and Todd Case
Eugenia Chen
Robert and Nancy Clark
Stephen Coughran
Jason Crane 
Kay Dean
Cheryl and Mike DeConcini 
Paula Dunn
Ty Endean
Amita Fadia 
Charlie and Kristin Finley
Katherine Ferguson 
Paolo Goes 
Michael and Lori Gross
Anne and Lukas Gruber
Pankaj Gupta 
Brenda Harrington
Cliff Harris
Jeffrey Hellbusch
Mark Hertenstein
Albert Hoflack
Daniel and Shari Hofstadter
Chris Holbert
Brian Kahn
Douglas Kelly 
Theresa and Edward Keefe 
Susan Kowalcek
Amy Krauss
Ashleigh and Michael Kruk
Cheryl Lamdan
Todd and Jenny Lessie 
James Lonergan
Zhenqiang Lu
Sandra Lueders
Ronald Lynch and Heddwen Brooks
Jill and Kevin Madden 
Sheldon and Page Marks
Nancy and Scott Martin 
David and Stacy McHorney
Juliet McKenna
Jeff and Debbie Missimer 
Patrick and Shannon Murphy
Paul Myrdal
Rincon Pain Management
Jim and Nancy Rodolph 
Jed and Alissa Sadalla 
Vance Sanders 
Alif Sarah
Stefanie J Schluender
Gregg and Kimberly Sciabica
Bake and Patricia Shaffer
David Sheinbein
John and Carole Siegler 
Steven Siwik
Bill and Nancy Sjostrom
Keith and Jennifer Soderberg
Leslie and Kevin Stockton
James Robert and Susan Stofft
Rachel Stover
Elizabeth Strange
Martin Stupka
David Trabert
Laura and Ray Wallace
Colin and Shelley Watson 
Megan Wood 
Cynthia Wood
Peter Xu
Joanna Yip 
Dollar a Day Supporters ($365+)  
Julia and Neal Armstrong
Richard Ashley
Lori and Javier Badillo 
Joseph Ballantyne
Mark and Jill Bell
Eric Bergstrom
Charles Bertsch
Dan and Vicki Beskind
Art Cake
Jaclyn Callahan
Sara Carlo
Francisco and Mara Castro
Stephen Cohen
Daniel and Molly Copley
Lynn Cosgrove
Stephen Crawford
Holly Crawford 
Kate and Chris Darling
Tami Dittmar 
Kimberlyn and Andy Drew
Terry Fortunato 
Andrew Grall
Lalita Hadley
Gary and Yvonne Huckleberry
Shamim Ismail
Todd and Eileen Jackson
David Jacobs 
Glen and Patty Jaquette
Amy Jobst
Margaret Kivel
Rebekah Kolonelos
Diane Koss
Mark and Maria Kross
Mark Lin
Elizabeth Longenecker
Daming Liu 
Keiko and Ryan Matika
Beth Mercaldo
Linda Nelson 
Bradley and Jacki Nichols
Robert and Mary Norwood
Brian Ocain 
Kristine Palm
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Heather Reed 
Hani Rizk 
Patrick Robinson
Julia and Wayne Rudnick
Thomas Ryan 
Harold Segel 
Sherri Silverberg
Theodore Spencer
Bob and Lisa Swift
Ajay Tuli
Jeff Vollin 
Colin & Shelley Watson
Karl and Zarina Young
We do our best to make sure that all of the donor information is correct. Please contact Lyssa Holmes with any corrections (lyssa_holmes@yahoo.com).